Wednesday, September 24

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The General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners’ Chapel) will be 60 on 27th September 2014. Recently, he spoke to newsmen on his life at 60. Excerpts:

What do you feel when referred to as richest Pastor ?

May I say here that God owned the silver and the gold and he is the most holy God. If wealth and righteousness are not the best of friends there is no way God will be the wealthiest of all. From his fullness we all received we are also told that Jesus died so that through his poverty we will be made rich and I think there is no father who wishes his children poverty. If God is truly a father he will not wish his children poor and the wealth of every parent is reflective in their children.

It is like you have developed thick skin towards criticisms and negative publicity by not reacting to them. Why is it so?
My understanding of opposition and persecution is someone’s opinion harshly expressed. Everybody has his rights to his opinion. I don’t feel it is necessary the energy.


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