Tuesday, September 16

 9/16/2014         1 comment

Daily Trust
is reporting that about 50 men and women were abducted after an attack on Gulak community in Adamawa state on Saturday September 13th.

The residents of the community reportedly confirmed that the attack took place and people, including married women were loaded into trucks and taken away.

Musa Uba, a resident of Husra village in Michika LGA which is one of the villages that came under heavy attack said able-bodied young men were forcefully converted into the sect after recruitment efforts through preaching failed to attract volunteers.

“They conducted preaching sessions to attract converts to their sect but people only listened out of fear. The next day they asked if anybody wanted to join them but there was no response, so they selected many healthy looking young men and ordered them to follow them. One of the victims is my relative who did body building exercises regularly,” he said.

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