Tuesday, September 23

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The Lagos state Police command has arrested 30 year old Olaniyan Oluwakayode (pictured above) after he allegedly raped a 20 year old girl at his apartment in the Ifako Ijaiye area of Lagos on Tuesday September 16th and then allegedly posted nude pics of the girl online.

According to Vanguard, Olaniyan, a native of Osun state, claimed the rape victim who hails from Akwa Ibom state was his girlfriend but the girl denied this, claiming that he was a random guy who had asked her out but she refused.

"I have my own boyfriend. He is a guy that used to stop me any time I was going to work. He approached me for friendship and I refused. I did not go to his house as he alleged. On my way back from work Tuesday last week, I saw someone running out of his house. He held my hand saying he wanted to do what was on his mind. I asked him why he would do what was on his mind when I had not even accepted his advances. He insisted and dragged me inside the bush. When I wanted to shout, he brought out a knife and said he would kill me there. From the bush, he dragged me to his house and locked the door. He used his legs to hold my neck, tore my skirt, my pants and bra, beat me up, and then raped me. When Oluwakayode’s sister came back around to 9pm, she asked her brother to open the door, asking him if he wanted to kill me. He has been asking me out for a long time. I was never his girlfriend. I have my own boyfriend. He raped me; painfully. Even his sister was crying and he snapped me immediately and his sister even threatened to call his mother.” the victim said 

Olaniyan was arrested by officers of the Ifako Ijaiye Police station and transferred to the Ministry of Women Affairs. In his defence, Olaniyan claimed the girl was his girlfriend and that they only fought but he never raped her

"I only fought with my girlfriend (the victim), but they are accusing me of raping her. I never deny the fact that I snapped her picture when she was naked. We were fighting. Any other allegation levelled against me is a big lie. The only thing I did, which I do not deny, is that I took her nude photographs. She had been hurting me for a very long period and we had an issue which made me delete her number from my phone. Last week, I got a missed call. I called the number immediately. When I heard her voice, I asked her what she wanted. I met her passing by in June and when I asked for her phone number, she gave it to me. She even came to my house and we sat outside and talked. She agreed to date me. There was a day we spoke on phone and she was asking me if I had an apartment. I told her that I didn’t want to rush into anything that I wanted to settle down in my business. I do branding in my house at Ifako. They said I raped her; one thing is that I have conscience and she also has conscience: our conscience will judge. I never denied beating her. I did beat her with my head on her face and on her back when she held my manhood. All the allegations of bringing out powder, a knife and belt are lies. I have conscience and she has too. That’s all.” he said


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