Wednesday, September 17

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A cheating police officer caught having sex in his car with a married woman while wearing only a pair of socks brawled in the street with her furious husband who then frogmarched him to the local police station.

Mee Ch'en, from Zhanjiang in south-eastern China's Guangdong province, had suspected wife Lok Mee had been having an affair for some time, but had never been able to prove it.

But one night he followed her out of the house as she set off for a secret tryst with married 40-year-old traffic cop Guo Chiu and watched as she met him in a car park. Incensed by her infidelity he called some of his friends and the group then pounced on the couple dragging the officer from his Toyota saloon...
Mailonline reports that,the group beat the car with a poll and bound the policeman's hands together before leading him through a crowd of bystanders to the nearest police station.
The policeman was later relieved of his duties following an investigation.

I knew something was going on so I followed her when she went out. I couldn't believe it when I saw she was with a policeman.I called my pals and waited for them to turn up so we could teach him a lesson. 'I wanted all his colleagues at the police station to know what a lying, cheating piece of low-life they have working with them. At least naked he has no more secrets.
'He even told my wife he was the police chief, but he's not - he's just an ordinary traffic cop. One step above a parking warden.'


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