Wednesday, October 8

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I saw the picture above on some guy's instagram page and he ranted over how Kanye acts like a fool around Kim,how his career is taking a back seat while Kim's is soaring .
He said Kanye has lost his respect in the rap world not because he married Kim but because he acts like he is under a spell,worshipping her .Always behind her, pushing papparazzi, opening doors, fixing her dress.

Ladies were commenting saying that is how a real man should treat his woman in public.
He also shows respect for her and the way he treats her with respect has rubbed off on the public and she is now treated with respect.
Before Kanye, Kim couldn't dare attend high class fashion shows because no one gave her invites.She was hosting club parties.But,all that has changed.

I think Kanye is obsessed with her and as long as the obsession isn't dangerous, it's perfectly fine..Who likes the way he treats her publicly ?


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