Wednesday, October 15

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Big Brother Africa is back & the shenanigans are already in full swing!

Just one week in and the ever BBA cameras have caught a couple having sekz in the house. Just two nights before she got evicted from the BBA house, Mira (Mozambique) got under the covers with Luis (Namibia) and the two went at it.

The two sneaked away from the other housemates who were partying up a storm as DJ Exclusive thrilled them with some party jams on Friday night. With a lot of alcohol in the mix, Mira & Luis were clearly feeling themselves. Even though Mira had shared a passionate kiss that same night with South African Nahnla, he wasn’t the one she gave her goodies to that night…the lucky guy was Luis.

Watch the video after the jump, you can see the two of them going at it under the sheets hoping no one would see.


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