Thursday, October 16

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According to TheNetng...

With the deadly virus having killed about 4,000 people in West Africa so far, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams of Action Chapel International in Ghana has revealed that the disease might be penetrating Ghana between October and November 2014.

According to reports, the General Overseer of the Ghana-based ministry told his congregation on Sunday, October 12, 2014 that God revealed the Ebola issue to him in his sleep.

‘I was resting and [at] 1 am, the Spirit of the Lord woke me up and He said: ‘Are you sleeping?’ And I said: ‘Yes I’m sleeping, and He said: ‘Wake up!’ So I did and He said: ‘You have to go into prayer because the Ebola virus is looking for a door to enter your country between October [and] November’. So I’m telling you, you can write it down. I don’t just say things. I put 38 years of credibility on the line. So if I don’t hear, I don’t talk. When I say it you better believe it,’ he said.

To all 9NB readers in Ghana,I pray it won't ever come to your doorstep...


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