Thursday, October 9

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Genevieve Nnaji sat down with Olisa Adibua on "The Truth "and she was surprisingly very open with her answers.She opened up on her fashion line, her career, life as a single mum, her ideal man and music.Yes she even sang the national anthem
I just culled this interesting part which many of you are curious about Actually surprised she responded to these questions ..

On if she has or is looking for a man

Are women supposed to look?I don't have a boyfriend now.I eat with my eyes.I need to be attracted to you. Definitely There has to be physical attraction to draw me to you.But, at the end of the day, it's your mind i'm going to fall inlove with ,so there is something that draws me to you and something that keeps me.So, I just think that ,I'm probably looking for a friend,somebody who shares a like mind and somebody who is confident.I like tall guys.I'm short so you have to think of the kids.

On guys being scared of her as a successful woman.
Then he is a baby.He is a boy.I'm not looking for that kind of man.Men don't let artificial things like that intimidate them

On marrying a guy she is richer than

How much money do I have?I'm not even that rich .I pay tax, I pay rents, I run an office, I have staff.So, talk about the money I spend, not the money I make


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