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Nneameka Okorie, well known as Patoranking, has recalled the days he slept on the streets of Ghana because he was homeless. The celebrated singer spoke to a Ghanaian radio station, Star 103.5 FM during his recent visit to the country and revealed that he was studying in a Ghanaian University in 2007 before he dropped out due to financial difficulties.

“I had to move from Cape Coast to Accra. I was sleeping on the streets of Osu just to make it. We must make am now…survival at all cost. The only option I had at that point was making it in life because I just had to change the course of my family, the face of my family you know…being the first child…I just say thank you Lord and to everybody that never doubted me. I pray for them still and we’re still together,” Patoranking said.

Today, he is one of the most celebrated music acts in Africa and on course to rule the continent soon.

Although he is now known as Patoranking, the Ebonyi State born music act was formerly called Patorico.
He also explained how he came about the name Patoranking.

“Patoranking was given to me by a certain Jamaican artiste I was fortunate to meet at the Alpha Beach in Lagos. He was playing his guitar and I was singing to his rhythm. He was impressed with the way the music was flowing. He later asked for my name and I told him ‘Patorico’ and he jokingly asked if I was from Puerto Rico and I laughed.

“He said: ‘from now on, you shall be called Patoranking’. It was like a name ordained from the Jamaican realm to me and I claimed it immediately. Ranking in Jamaica means “highly respected. Due to his respect for my flows, he decided to add ranking to ‘Pato’ which was my initial nickname. The ‘Pato’ comes from my name Patrick.” he narrated.


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