Wednesday, October 8

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In a bizarre twist,An Indiana anesthesiologist shot dead his wife minutes after the last guest left their wedding party early on Sunday morning.This happened after an alleged alcohol fueled argument over a pre-nuptial agreement .

Dr. George 'Scott' Samson, 54, is said to have told his new wife, Kelly Ecker, 50, that she would 'never get her hands on his money' during the wedding reception .

According to witnesses who spoke to Dailymail, the argument became increasingly bitter when the wedding after-party moved to Samson and Ecker's mansion, with guests deciding to leave at 1.17am on Sunday morning as the fighting escalated.

Kelly made a frantic 911 call around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning pleading for help. "He's beating the shit out of me," Kelly told the operator. "Who is?," the operator asked. "My husband." The call ended and moments later Kelly called back. "Help," she pleaded. "Oh, my God. He's going to kill me." Multiple gun shots can be heard as the call ended.

When police arrived, he had shot himself. They both worked at the same hospital where she was a nurse.


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