Tuesday, October 7

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This is heartbreaking to see.Turkish families who have been trapped in Kobane,Syria ,are taking up arms to defend themselves ,as ISIS comes close to taking over their town.This came as US airstrikes failed to stop the islamists from advancing towards the city.

According to various newsites like CNN and BBC,Kurdish officials also warned thousands of  citizens to flee as they could no more protect them .The prime minister said the fall of the city is imminent as airstrikes can't stop the dreaded ISIS

So,those who can not run have taken up arms in a desperate last attempt to defend the city .Children, old women, girls ,are not left out.
More than 2500 Kurdish girls,and women have been captured and sold as slaves by ISIS while the men are executed.

Kurdhish fighter,Deilar Kanj Khamis, is the first female to carry out a suicide bomb attack against ISIS.She blew herself up at an IS position east of the border town of Kobane,as ISIS approached and her fellow fighters took to their heels.She waited for them to approach and pretended to surrender before blowing herself up, killing ten jihadists.She left behind her two kids

ISIS already posting photos on social media ,bragging they are taking over the town of infidels soon


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