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Yesterday,posted this story about stripper, Jhonni Blaze who filed a police report against Drake.She claimed they had unprotected sex for a week, then he started seeing another stripper behind her back.When she confronted him,he threatened her and even sent his goons to her house .She said he was scared she would spill their secret .(Here)
Now, she is singing a different tune.In an audio interview with Mad Hatta morning show ,she said
I would never talk bad about nobody and I have nothing bad to say about Drake. I still think he’s a phenomenal artist. The reason why we fell out was because we got into an argument. There’s nothing wrong with it, okay?
All these lies about me calling the police on him? I never actually called the police on Aubrey. I actually called the police because my friend came home and said two guys were looking for me. So I documented that and said, “for my protection.” And for some odd reason, people were looking me loony and I got fired from V Live (strip club). They wanted to give me time off and [said] that I had an illness, that I’m crazy and have an illness and that I need to take a break. So I told them to completely fire me, don’t come back at all, since I have an illness.
I’m not about to exaggerate the story. Me and him were just kicking it, being cool. I went to his concert, I watched him perform. We were just supposed to be friends and we had some disagreements, some things were said, some threats were being made as far as argument and that was it. And the only reason I exposed the [text] messages was to show people that we did have a cool relationship as far as, “Hey, how you doing? How’s everything? Hope all is well.” That was the only reason why I did expose those text messages.
When asked if she exposed him because he is now seeing fellow stripper Lira Galore:
I don’t care about none..I don’t care if he fucked 50 bitches. I would’ve probably loved to f-ck them, too. I don’t give a f-ck about all that. I’m not jealous of nobody. If I wanted something from chest to butt, I’d buy it. If I wanted prettier teeth, I’d buy it. I don’t care about all that. The problem was that people kept adding me under her Instagram page and were like, “Wasn’t he just with you?” and I’m like, “So what? He’s single! He does what he wants. He could f-ck a hundred girls. That’s none of my business. The whole problem was that people saying I didn’t know who he was and that I was crazy. And that’s not the case when I chilled with this man the whole weekend.

I’m not trying to get publicity off of this. I don’t want no fame off this. I got my little bit of name and that’s all I need. I don’t care about all of that. I’m not about to bash this man and exaggerate and lie like them other b-tches like how Kat Stacks or these other people do and say, “Yeah! I’m pregnant for him!” and “Oooh look at me!” I’m not going to exaggerate that. No, I’m not pregnant. I’m not gonna bash him and that’s just that. And the social medias that’s lying on me can eat a penis.
Now as far as me putting it on IG, they linked it together. MediaTakeOut can’t even show a screenshot of me emailing them anything. The only thing that I sent was to one social media network and that was three messages of me and Drake and that I actually was like cool enough to be like, “Hey, I don’t want this man’s number exposed, so erase the last four digits of his number. I wasn’t trying to expose him, I was trying to show that, “Hey, I do know this dude and y’all need me to leave me the f-ck alone.”
We actually don’t even talk anymore. He has not hit me up, I don’t hit him up. We don’t speak at all because of probably this situation. But I’m not gonna sit here and bash him because he has people that I’m affiliated with also. I actually tried to reach out to his people and actually be like, “Hey, I’m gonna fix this and actually admit when I’m wrong I’m wrong.” But I didn’t actually do anything wrong. The stories got mixed up and they took it too far. I think it’s embarrassing on my behalf because I’m actually putting myself out there.
Yes, we messed around, we kicked it, and he moved on. We’re all grown people. Everybody has done stuff with people and moved on. Everybody act like this is something new. Everybody acting like children here. It’s not that serious.
I apologize to the whole staff and whoever works with Drake. I apologize from my heart. I never meant to expose his messages. I don’t like being called crazy. It offends me because I may have a temper but I’m not crazy. And I apologize for all this stuff going on and that’s a genuine apology. But this man did not send anybody for me. I just felt that it was weird that happened at a time that me and him got into it. And I apologize for that and to his fans. So that’s me being a woman and that’s as real as I could be.


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