Tuesday, October 7

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Can you guess home many times a day you pick up your phone? A new research says the average smart phone user,picks it up atleast 15000 times.
This revelation was arrived at after a study of 2,000 smart phone users .The study revealed that the average user picks up their phone at 7:31am each morning, to check personal emails ,Facebook, read the news,and send a text or two to friends .All this is done before even getting out of bed.It also claims the average user performs about 220 tasks daily on their phone.

The research was carried out by marketing agency Tecmark further claims the average owner uses their device for 3hours and 16minutes each day,or the equivalent of almost one full day a week.
Almost four in ten users admitted feeling lost without their gadgets.
The study has also revealed that our smartphones are now becoming more of a ‘go-to-gadget’, replacing desktops and laptops


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