Thursday, November 27

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Dele Odule, a veteran Yoruba actor, was recently reported to have fathered 10 children, all from different women. Some may argued that he is not the first or last to do so as there abound several others in his shoe.

However, the actor who is believed to be in his 50s, has made it clear that he doesn't see any problem with having many children as long as he can cater for their various needs.

"That is not peculiar to an actor alone. Muslims do have a lot of children. Former Head of State, late (Sani) Abacha, had many children and he was not an actor. Late MKO Abiola also had (many children), Sunny Ade (musician) also.

“The Bible says ‘stone that person to death, provided you have not also sinned.’ That is to say we all have one skeleton or the other in our cupboards. It’s just because I’m a public figure that people are privileged to know about my life and my privacy," he declared.

Despite having some children outside the confines of marriage, the Oru-Ijebu-born actor has reportedly been with his wife for 25 years.


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