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A video has gone viral after a pregnant woman slammed an anti-abortion group for filming and judging women who entered an abortion clinic .

Abort67 members denied specifically filming patients going into the surgery and claimed that they were using the cameras to provide evidence against those who accuse them of bullying tactics.The campaign group Abort67 , which was started in 2008, has been confronting women going into the clinic with posters and leaflets showing pictures of foetuses.She said
You are wrong in what you're doing.'You don't know why people are doing what they're doing, but you want to be out here judging and then filming.'
 When one of the woman protesters tries to fight back by claiming that she had an abortion in the past, the pregnant passer-by labels her a hypocrite.She said:

'You had an abortion but because you're not happy with what you're doing, you're standing out here making other people feel guilty. When you had an abortion, that was your choice.'Many people have been abused, you don't know what their reasons are for, so I think this is so wrong on so many levels.'  There was a baby on the news that got found in the bin....
'Maybe if their mum didn't feel that way because of people like you, that baby wouldn't have died.You think it's better for them to get rid of it at ten weeks (in the womb) or to actually go through with the birth and then kill the child?'To be standing out here and making other people feel guilty is so wrong.

As the woman walks away, the protesters are left speechless and are unable to argue back.
Since the footage was uploaded, hundreds of people have taken to Twitter to applaud the woman for her 'inspiring speech....


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