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The boobs of the award-winning actress took a life of their own recently at the MTN 4Syte Music Video Awards, as the MC, Bola Ray, poked questions about Yvonne Nelson’s boobs on stage. The actress had been called on stage to present an award

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson had strutted to the stage with the elegance and supreme confidence of a Queen. Then, Ray smilingly posed the question about her latest fantasy: not wearing bra.

If you think that that ‘satanic’ salvo would throw the actress off balance, then, you are mistaken.
She simply smiled back and declared, matter-of-factly: “Because I don’t have big boobs. Because I don’t have big boobs. So, what’s the point?”
The show-stealing Q and A session didn’t end there.
Here are excerpts:

How are you doing, Yvonne?
I’m good.

You look fabulous…?
Thank you.

What’s the secret?
It’s God, I guess.

(Holding her left hand…) So, what’s this pomp and noise about you and bleaching? But you don’t look anywhere near it, Yvonne. Or it’s the camera lights?
(Smiling…) Maybe… (the crowd roared…)

(Pointing to her chest…) But the one with the bras, I have seen it. It’s true.
(Blushing…smiling…no reply)

But why don’t you put on bra?
Because I don’t have big boobs. Because I don’t have big boobs. So, what’s the point?

You don’t have big boobs? So, what’s the point?

(Turning to the crowd, the MC ordered…) Fantastic! Put your hands together for her.
(The crowd responded with a thunderous applause. And as the cameras zoomed on Yvonne Nelson’s exposed chest, highlighting her small curves, Bola Ray continued…)
That would be a trending topic…because Yvonne Nelson doesn’t have big boobs. (Turning to the smiling actress…)
I love you to laugh like that.

Then, the MC moved on to ask the actress about her next movie, as the crowd continued cheering. End of story?
Not necessarily. Weekend Sun can authoritatively reveal to you that almost throughout the show that ran up till 2 a.m., the next day, Yvonne Nelson struggled continuously with her exposed chest. To keep prying eyes from feasting on her flat chest, she kept covering up with her hand. It was such a struggle that many in the audience had no difficulty knowing what it was all about.

yvonne nelson

“Rather than expose a flat chest, I think Yvonne Nelson should cover up next time,” a female audience member told this reporter, pleading anonymity, because, according to her, she was close to her team.


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