Monday, February 16

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The All Progressives Congress today in a statement has accused the People’s Democratic Party for being behind the distribution of leaflets in Gombe State warning residents not to come out to vote or face the consequences if they do. APC says it’s another form of looking for a way to postpone the rescheduled elections and that the party and the government have been trying every new ‘trick’ to look for a way of postponing the forthcoming elections. Below is part of what the statement said today.

 ”Part of the strategies of the PDP and the Jonathan Administration is to depopulate perceived opposition strongholds through all sorts of dangerous measures, and this scaremongering, supposedly by Boko Haram, fits into that strategy.

The statement further went on saying, the alarm raised by Mike Omeri, the Coordinator of the National Information Centre, that some female suicide bombers might strike at polling units during the elections, also fits into the PDP/Jonathan Administration’s opposition stronghold depopulation strategy.

”It is now very clear to Nigerians that the PDP-led federal government does not want the forthcoming elections to hold, because it is guaranteed a shellacking. First the government sponsored a campaign to postpone the elections because of low PVC distribution.

“When they realised the number of PVCs collected was growing and that their argument might no longer be tenable, they suddenly used security as an alibi, abandoning their earlier push for the election shift on the basis of low PVC distribution.

”After they succeeded in forcing the postponement, they launched another campaign for the PVCs and the Card Readers to be jettisoned in favour of TVCs, because that will allow them to rig if indeed the elections proceed in spite of them.


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