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Most beautiful girl in Nigeria model of the year, Precious John, had an interesting chat with Punch: I am 22 years old, studying Mass Communication at Lead City University, Ibadan. I’m from Anambra. 

I started modelling at the age of 19. I have done lookbooks for designers like Clan Diaries, Maki Oh and Phunk Afrique to mention but a few.

Alek Wek is an African model and she has n*de pictures, Naomi Campbell has posed n*de several times. I have posed n*de before and it is part of my portfolio. My mum did not like it, but I had to explain to her that it was something I needed to do. After all, I am above 18 years old. My n*de pictures are part of my portfolio.
I am a model and a model is like a mannequin. I would pose n*de again if there is need for me to.

Growing up, I developed a passion for modelling and also wanted to be a beauty queen. Last year, I felt the time was right for me to go into pageantry. MBGN was my first choice and I bought the form.

Life in camp was tough. All the girls wanted to win but only one winner emerged at the end of the day. Even though I did not win, I am happy I emerged MBGN Model of the Year. I was rewarded with a one-year contract with a modelling agency and the opportunity to attend the New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and other notable fashion shows in Nigeria.

Family support
My parents did not support my decision to become a model. They believe only badly-behaved children become models. With time, they saw reason with me and approved of my decision to take part in MBGN.

Role models
I admire Tyra Banks. She has achieved so much on and off the runway. I look up to Agbani Darego. We have met before and we compared notes. I also admire Millen Magese and Naomi Campbell.

Pet project
As the MBGN Model of the Year, I do not have a pet project because I am a model.

When I go to the market to buy things, people point at me. Sometimes, I am not free to do some of the things I want to do because it appears everyone is looking at me. Being famous is an advantage because people know me and it keeps me in check.

Being polite and being a lady comes in handy when dealing with men. Men will always come, but I let them know I am not ready for a relationship.

When I am ready, I pray to get a good man because every lady deserves one. I want someone that is God-fearing and understanding. He has to be good -looking too. He must be comfortable but not extremely wealthy. I want a man that we can build our fortune together.

I work hard to stay slim. In my family, we are chubby. I go to the gym when I am free and I also eat healthy. My statistics are 34, 27, and 36. I am six feet tall. I do not like heavy make-up, except if I have a photo shoot. I make sure I wash my face before I go to bed.

I like to wear dresses that look good on me. I don’t like to dress like a tomboy, because I like to look like a lady.

I want to be known on the international scene. I also hope to raise a family.


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