Thursday, February 5

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It's calling out season..Last week, 50 cent called out a girl for being a stalker..Now,
"Team waconzy, lemme gist u some crazy shit real quick.this shit cracking me up all day. I met this Liberian trick called summer mathews  right here in atlantic city,NJ. i was so nice to her cos i felt people cud change for the better..but a month later i fouud out that she was still selling..i later met with her pimp Smooth(paul). when i confronted her, She called the police on me and lied to them about me but by Gods grace am fine. But who calls the police ??? Nobody else but a damn snitch. Well The moral of the story is that u can't make a Hoe change for the better..why? cos that's what she was born to do. Sell P***y .. don't leave your good girl , respect and love her . Period !"
The the alleged pic of the lady below


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