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IK Ogbonna Writes

Everyone have their own opinion when it comes to loving someone. I personally feel there is more to what Ik Ogbonna penned down. What he composed is interesting quite alright, but he didn’t mention love for animals(pets), love for your work and a few others.
He only mentioned that True Love exists in only 5 departments which i totally disagree to, don’t know about you though but read his opinion and tell me whether if these are the only situations where one can feel true love…
“I just discovered that man can only experience true love in not more than 5 departments..
#1: love of God , u feel so in love with God sometimes u want to cry
#2: love for ur child , that’s a feeling u can’t explain
#3: The Love for Food , look at Ik smiling omg coz food is barely 1 min away
#4: Love for money , u think u don’t love it but deep down u love that b****t
#5: Not everyone can really experience this , a lot of ppl pass tru life thinking they experienced it but never truely did , it’s so sweet and you can’t help it .. It’s called true love for ur soulmate. While typing I realized Sex is another extreme level of love , but I didn’t add it to the 5 coz on the real when u have sex with someone u don’t love u feel hate immediately after u climax. Ok bye”


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