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A Former minister of  Niger Delta,Elder Godswill Orubebe disrupted the declarations today,accusing Jega of being biased and also slammed him for tribalism ....Insisting the Collation of esults won't go on,he said the INEC chairman was being partial ..He said the PDP's petitions have not been attended to while those of the APC are being investigated by INEC already ..

Jega was forced to respond to the allegations of not responding to PDP's petitions and responding to APCs petition in Rivers...Telling him to be careful about his public conduct..Jega said...

 You said you submitted a petition I refused to accept..You claimed a result released by the APC was  allegedly  given to them by me..
Yesterday,after we took the fist batch of results and a recess was declared..as I walked back to the office, my PA said to me, here are some papers a rep of PDP sent .Bello Fadili gave some documents to my PA on the stand,while results were being collated ,on live TV..I told him(my PA) to return the documents..This is because I don't receive petitions on the stand.Subsequently, he sent a text message..I said we don't collect peitions on the platform,when collecting results
He said I should have left my office open..I told him the Secretary of the commission is in the office..
I can't receive petitions in this hall, on this platform..
He replied, he will see what he can do.As I speak, I have not received anything ..
Jega responded to allegations he gave APC results before hand,which they published on his website

I do not give results to anybody..The results were formally declared her..
so as far as I am concerned,I have not given anybody results..It's unfair to speak about something I have not seen.Let us not disrupt a process that has ended peacefully..you are a former minister,you are expected to conduct yourself in a respectable manner


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