Saturday, March 28

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President Jonathan,his wife and mother have so far been unable to be accredited as the card reader has failed..The president is in his home town Otueke in Bayelsa state..He arrived at the polling unit at 9.19 am and is still unable to be accredited..

Three card readers have failed and they just brought the fourth one..

UPDATE-President Jonathan and his wife finally left the polling Unit after the fourth card reader failed .On his way out, he said if he could endure, he pleads with all Nigerians to be patient and vote..He emphasized the need for the elections to be free and fair..

INEC confirmed he and the first lady were unable to be accredited .They are expected to return to the polling unit..

UPDATE-President Jonathan and wife returned to the polling unit and got accredited. They have returned to their country home where they intend to rest till the actually voting commences.

For more than an hour, only 14 people out of about 600 were accredited at the president's polling unit.. Many cards didn't get accredited.

Meanwhile, there have been several reports on social media about card reader failure in various polling units..Affected persons still vote after filling incident forms..


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