Sunday, March 15

Amber Rose Visits

The ex-stripper and super model Amber Rose wants us to know how badly she missed where she grew up in.She took a break from sharing nudity to visit a place she grew up in.
The Model who worth $5million was once an hustler in Philly before a chance encounter with Kanye West at a video shoot changed her life..

“Came to see the apartment I grew up in, in South Philly. I’m forever humbled by my life and Thank God for everything he’s done for me and the people he has brought into my life… Good and Bad. Everything is a learning experience, I intend to learn more. I won’t let this cold world break me down even through all the Trials, Tribulations and trolls Muva is still Strong cuz I’m a Down Home South Philly Girl at heart ❤️”


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