Friday, March 13

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Wondering how the World's most notorious terrorist once lived? Rare photos have emerged of the primitive and isolated compound Osama Bin Laden lived in until a Western bombing campaign forced him to flee.
According to Mailonline, the images were taken by Palestinian journalist Abdel Barri Atwan, who was invited to the hideout in 1996 as part of Bin Laden's ploy to spread his message of hate to the Western world.
According to reports Bin Laden would spend hours on long hikes through the mountains, always carrying a Russian-made Kalashnikov rifle by his side.
Bodyguards, militants and children - including his sons - would constantly follow him around as he looked for new hideout locations.

He told his family members they needed to know the terrain and the tunnel system inside out in case of an attack.
During the visit Atwan took a picture of a two-bedroom house made of mud and stone Bin Laden is believed to have shared with his wives and family.
His children were believed to have suffered from constant hunger, with a limited diet of eggs, rice and salty cheese.
The terrorist leader remained in the area until 2001. Western forces had tracked him down to the region and consistently targeted it with air strikes.

The 10-year search for him ended on May 2 2011 when he was killed during a Navy Seal operation in Abbottobad.


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