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A disabled 64-year-old who fell for her Tunisian toyboy online, before marrying him and securing a visa for him to live in the UK, has described how she was dumped shortly after he arrived.

Patricia, who suffers from crippling osteoarthritis and has to use a mobility scooter, flew out to marry 26-year-old Mondher, from Tunisia, after he contacted her on a dating site.
"When he first contacted me he was all lovey-dovey and he started telling me he loved me when we had been talking for three weeks and asking me to go there for a holiday,"
 There was a 33 year age gap between them, but Mondher reportedly convinced her it would work.
"I thought age was just a number and he kept drilling that into my head,"As long as we love each other, that's all that matters. He made me feel good because he was younger than me."I had been there for five days when he said 'let's get married, let's just do it!'"I thought 'I love the guy, go for it'.

"He was telling me he was going to treat me like a princess, we could buy a car and he would take me out where I wanted to go."
 They married in 2012, but Patricia paid for the whole ceremony, Patricia returned to the UK alone, and managed to secure Mondher a visitor's visa eight months later - but when he flew over, their happy life was gone completely.
She describes how having him at home with her was a "nightmare", filled with constant arguments, because he barely communicated with her. 
Realising it was different, Patricia refused to pay for a new visa, and she was left "gutted" when Mondher announced he was leaving for Portsmouth.

Culled from UK Mirror and Misspetite Nigeria  Blog


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