Thursday, April 23

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Since they pledged allegiance to ISIS, they haven't made any public appearance but for the first time, Boko Haram has released new images.Unlike their previous method of releasing videos, they choose to release pictures without the presence of their leader, Shekau..This is fueling reports that, their end is imminent...The Nigerian military also claims the insurgents have run out of ammunition and now use bow and arrows.

The release of the photos came as the Nigerian military invaded their stronghold , Sambisa forest.According to report by Reuters, the military were forced to retreat after 3 vigilante members were killed by landmines..
'The soldiers have retreated to Bama because of mines. They had been on the road but that made them vulnerable, so they moved to the bush but there are mines planted there (too),' one soldier, who did not want to be named, revealed.'Three of our boys were killed by a landmine as we progressed into Sambisa. We've suspended going farther,' Muhammad Mungonu, a member of a pro-government vigilante, told Reuters.


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