Friday, April 24

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Few days ago when the entire social media is being was filled with the celebration of the young man, who trekked from Lagos to Abuja to celebrate Gen Muhammadu Buhari’s victory, just one man, Nollywood filmmaker, Charles Novia voiced out a contrary view towards information. He stated, "Distance frm Lag to Abj: about 778km. Trekking by foot entails covering 38.9km daily X 20 days. No sleep,no rest. How did he do it? Na wash. Lagos to Abuja in 19 days by foot? Pants on fire! Did the young man who trekked not hitch a ride or cab somewhere along the journey? It couldn't have been all on foot! In 19 days? Haba!"
Few minutes after his tweet, he got very ugly responses from people and he tweeted again, "Seems my disbelief about the Lag to Abj trek is causing a ruckus? It's my own to express. I congratulate him though, my reservations or not." Hours after his last tweet, Mr. Novia claimed a certain dude who has the twitter handle, Sadiqueelhassan @saskid26 issued a threat to his life over his tweets on the Lagos/Abuja young man. Continue to see his statement…

"Some fellow with the twitter handle Sadiqueelhassan @saskid26 has issued a threat to my life over the tweet on the lag/Abj fella. Lol. I don't take such threats lightly in these days of deranged theological lunatics. I checked the guy TL out. Seems to be a fanatic.
"For the record, his threat doesn't in anyway faze me nor scare me. It won't be the first one has received through the years. I only bring it up to expose the vile and dark minds we breed in the nation who see freedom of expression as an affront . Small minds.
"Accordingly, I will ask the security authorities to investigate the fellow, his background and his threat in case he's another one of... And also to teach such people a lesson that your religion gives you no right to believe you can issue bigoted threats because it suits you.
"And just to assure this latent reprobate Sadiqueelhassan @saskid26 that I'm actually going to last very long. Very. And in your face too. The fellow has changed his name on his TL from Sadiqueelhassan to Ramahdan but still retains @saskid26. We will track you to answer us."


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