Sunday, April 5

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Ladies! If you wanna get with rapper Lynxxx, you better make sure your hair smells nice! The rapper is extremely turned off by smelly weaves, so let shampoo & conditioner be your friend.

In an interview with Sunday Punch, when asked about what attracts him to a woman he said

    I like a free-spirited lady with morals, one who I can learn from. She must be able to cook and look good. On the other hand, I am turned off by bad breath and a smelly weave. I am not attracted to women who talk too much.

In other words…wash your hair & keep your mouth shut! LOL!

This isn’t the first time the rapper is speaking out about his disdain for smelly weaves, a few months ago he released a hilarious video clip begging women to wash their hair after a bad experience with a girl with smelling hair.


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