Sunday, April 19

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According to reader who sent these photos  to  MPN blog ,the lady on the floor named Bukky had been tormenting her neighbours and stopping them from fetching water from an uncompleted building they reside in at Jakande Estate, Isolo Church street.The water was put there by a good Samaritan,but she happened to have been living there before the new neighbors came ..They have tried to make her see reason but she always locks the tap.They even went as far as reporting her to the police but no action has been taken yet .

They tried to fetch water this morning and she tried to prevent them again and got into a fight with an Igbo married lady .The woman pushed her out of the way,she fell,stood up,then fainted...
According to him,because of her wickedness,no one tried to revive her,they left her there and continued to fetch their water..(as you can see in the photo)..


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