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We deem it necessary to issue a formal response to the latest antics of PDP and its agents in the wake of their desperate efforts to rig the results of the Governorship and House of Assembly elections scheduled to hold in Abia state this Saturday.  Since yesterday, thugs, commonly known as Okezie Ikpeazu Youth Vanguard, have been parading the villages of Obingwa, Osisioma ngwa and the city of Aba in flagrant and illegal show of force. They first brandished machetes covered in red, a traditional warning of impending doom on their perceived opponents.
Just this morning, citizens in these areas woke up to the grisly sight of coffins placed at strategic locations and painted with signs that death would visit anyone who voted ‘against Ngwa interest’. Recruits of this Okezie Ikpeazu Youth Vanguiard, have been visiting mayhem and harassment on suspected supporters of Dr. Alex Otti.

The sole objective of these new efforts is to scare voters away from the polling stations and thus frustrate the dream of the people, which is to vote the bumbling and corrupt PDP government out of power. It is clear to all that our opponents are jittery because they know they are heading to ignominious defeat at a freely and fairly conducted polls.

We are used to these despicable tactics of our opponents and would have ignored them had it not been for a curious press statement credited to the camp of Okezie ikpeazu, in which he dissociated himself from these despicable acts. Unfortunately for him we have corroborating evidence of complicity by his very close associates. For instance, the Transition Chairman (TC) for Isialangwa North Local Government ‘Ginger’ Onwusibe, posted the following comment on his Facebook Page, "All of you Ohuhu people (reference to non-Ngwa), who have held Abia hostage for over 16 years can never have your way anymore… Anything less than Ikpeazu having the mandate…. blood must flow".  

 The post is still on his Facebook wall. Also Barr. Onyebuchi Ememanka, an attorney, also commented on Facebook in support of the brandishing of machetes, claiming they are legitimate campaign tools!

We wish to use this medium to condemn in very strong terms, the new tactics of intimidation and harassment being employed by these agents of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in their desperate effort to steal the governorship at all cost. It is truly sad that they could sink so low in order to impose their hugely unpopular candidates on the people.

Abia citizens are peace-loving and are democrats. They have resolved to sweep out the corrupt and inefficient dynasty led by Governor T.A. Orji. Not even the threat of bloodshed and tears will stop them from coming out to vote on Saturday for Dr. Alex Otti and the APGA House of Assembly candidates.

We also condemn in equally strong terms, the efforts by Okezie Ikpeazu and his fellow travelers to use the well-worn divide and rule tactics to sow mutual suspicion and rancor among the citizens of Abia. The strength of Abia lies in its diversity which draws from all parts of the globe. The great legacy of Aba and Abia as a whole, was a joint effort by citizens from all parts of the world. It is dangerous for anyone to play politics with the unity of the state.

We at APGA, with our gubernatorial flag bearer Dr. Alex Otti exhort all Abians irrespective of political persuasion to eschew violence and sectionalism and embrace the tenets of democracy as we go to the polls on Saturday. On Saturday, Abians will be liberated from the shackles of mindless mediocrity and kleptocracy.




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