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There are a lot of myths surrounding sex and sexual relations that have existed since time immemorial. Some have been around for so long that a lot of people have come to believe it as the truth even as they pass it on from generation to generation. Some border on the out rightly outrageous while others are simply altruistic. A lot of these facts sound bogus when heard at first but the mystery surrounding them makes most people believe them.
For this reason, we bring to you five of the most common sexual myths you never knew were false until now.

No such thing as the G spot
There has been a lot of talk and questions asked about the existence of the G spot. Recent medical journals are totally undecided on a precise location of the G spot or Grafenberg spot (named after German gynaecologist, Ernst Grafenberg). The G spot does exist and it is an area on the front wall of the vagina which when stimulated correctly, will produce pleasurable sensations that can result in a sweet orgasmic experience in some women. The mystery surrounding the G-spot is made even more evident with the fact that people tend to explore to know the precise location. Researchers believe that the sensations that arise as a result of the stimulation is real even though the exact source of the pleasure remains a mystery. Note however that just because you do not find the location doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

You can’t get pregnant during your menstrual flow
This notion has been in existence for so long that almost every woman thinks it is true. While this myth holds true a lot of the time, the risk of getting pregnant while on your menstrual flow still exists especially if you are having unprotected sex. While the risk is small, it’s still there. It has been discovered that Sperm can stay alive for up to one week after entering the female body through the vagina. Thus, if you are having unprotected sex towards the tail end of your monthly flow, there is a chance that you may ovulate shortly after. The eggs released maybe fertilised by the sperms that remain for long in your system and as such, you could get pregnant during your menstrual flow.

Aphrodisiacs aid your libido
From ancient times, the use of aphrodisiacs have been a way of boosting the sexual libido and performance of humans. Foods such as chocolate and creamy alcoholic drinks that you think are erotic may not have that much effect on your libido. Research has shown that certain foods actually help to improve sexual function but those listed are not the common aphrodisiacs that we know of. Foods and drinks that have little or no evidence to back up their claims as sexual stimulants include dark chocolates, oysters and Red wine. Feeding your partner dark chocolate-covered fruit feels super erotic, but it’s not doing much for your libido. This however doesn’t mean they do not have an effect on foreplay and as such, you don’t have to take them off your routine. The thing is just to know that they have no magical effect on your libido.

No such thing as squirting
Squirting is real and has been proven to happen. However, a lot of people confuse the term squirting with female ejaculation which is often interchanged. The fluid that females ejaculate is small and whitish in colour and is usually produced before of after you climax. The fluid released during squirting have been said by some researchers to consist mainly of urine even though the subject is still under debate. A smaller percentage of women also experience a phenomenon called “Gushing” in which large amounts of fluids are released during climax. These effects have been attributed to varying differences in the anatomical structures of the genital tissues of women folk.

Men see more than women during sex
A lot of people have the notion that visual stimulation enhances their sexual performance, especially as regards watching pornographic films. It is however not so as stimulation and erection can be achieved without the use of such materials. A lot of women would rather have the lights on when they have sex as they would love to admire the look on their partners face including all the features therein or a way of actually watching the moves they make during such sessions. Always remember that everyone has different sexual preferences and it is cool to discover what the preferences of your partner are and you can use that to have a wholesome fulfilled sex life.


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