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Carla set she was ‘upset’ by the incident (Picture: City News) 

A school football match was blighted recently after a team from a Muslim boys school refused to play against a team with girls on it.

Due to there not being a girls football team at Robert F Hall Catholic School in Caledon, Canada, Carla Briscoe and another girl both play on the boys team, which is allowed in their school league.

During a recent match against the nearby ISNA Private Islamic High School, in which Carla’s team was winning 3-1, the opposing team told the referee at half time that they would have to forfeit as some of the students felt uncomfortable playing the sport with a girl.

Knowing their team needed a certain amount of goals to progress in the tournament, and not wanting to let their team mates down, Carla and the other female player agreed to bow out of the game, however the incident left them with some bitter feelings.


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