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Kenya: Government To Repatriate 100 Somali Refugees

Kenyan acting Commissioner for Refugees, Harun Komen, on Thursday, June 11, in Nairobi said its agency, Kenyan government and development partners have agreed to voluntarily repatriate 100,000 Somali refugees by December.

Komen said that the repatriation of Somalia refugees will resume on June 17 after a brief halt occasioned by torrential rains.

“We are confident that 100,000 Somali refugees will be resettled back home by December to enable them start a new life.

“The government and bilateral partners are fully behind this exercise,” he said.

Komen reiterated that ahead of World Refugee Day, on June 20, government would abide by international statutes while relocating Somalia refugees.

“We have an obligation to protect refugees and other vulnerable groups.

“The current repatriation of Somalia refugees is voluntary and has not violated human rights and dignity,” he said.
Komen revealed that Kenya was home to an estimated 600,000 refugees from neighbouring countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda.

He said that 70 per cent of refugees in Kenya were from Somalia, while the government had intensified search for peace and stability, in the country to stem an influx of asylum seekers.

“We have already commenced discussions with the Somali government to find a durable solution to refugee crisis.
“The Somali government has promised to create a conducive environment to facilitate smooth resettlement of refugees,” said Komen.

He said that Kenya had signed a tripartite agreement with Somali government and UN Refugee Agency to facilitate smooth repatriation of refugees.

Komen said that the government would not forcibly relocate Somalia refugees in spite of calls from some quarters, to do so in the wake of terrorist attacks in the country.

“We have tried to strike a balance between national security and the needs of refugees.

“The recent terrorist attacks in the country cannot be wholly attributed to refugees.

“Kenyan security apparatus have intensified surveillance in refugee camps to deter criminal activities,’’ he said.


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