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The IG of Police, over the weekend while speaking at a symposium organised by the National Association of Seadogs, The Inspector General of Police, IGP Solomon Arase declared that the Nigerian Police, has the least corrupt officers of all the institutions in the country. Hian!
The IG said

He is allergic to corruption and since then he has taken practical steps to deal with the issue of corruption, both the history of corruption and perception of corruption of the Nigeria Police Force. One of the first things he did was to set up the IGP’s Monitoring Teams. First of all the decision by the Police Management Team was to take out roadblocks across all our highways. It was not just to dismantle it, he set up the IGP Monitoring Team to ensure that these directives are enforced.
If you go across most of our highways now roadblocks have been reduced to the barest minimum, and anybody mounting roadblocks, does that at his risk. Presentations are also made where Commissioners of Police are invited to look at the situations across the country right from the condition of suspects in Police cells and they have a technical platform that enable them to monitor the behaviour and conduct of police officers on the road as they handle suspects.
Bail is free! Help lines have been provided where you can supply information. You can call to inform that you went to this station and paid this amount and I can assure you, action will be taken. Bail is free, the monitoring teams are going round to practically deal with those avenues that can lead to corruption. The Nigeria Police has the capacity to investigate any corrupt case under the laws, either the Criminal Code law or the Penal Code law. The Police has the competence and the capacity to investigate corrupt cases.

He concluded saying
I think you can hardly find institutions that is like Police taking practical steps to deal with corruption, all I want to say by way of challenge is have confidence in the Police.
hmmmmmm...... Do you guys agree with him?


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