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Security expert explains why Osinbajo can’t attend national security meetings for now

On June 2nd and June 10th 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari met with the Service Chiefs without his Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo which has led some media houses reporting that the Vice President was ‘Locked Out’ From the Defense House, venue of the meetings.

However, a security expert has explained why the Pastor and Lawyer Yemi Osinbajo has so far not been allowed to attend any of the national security meetings President Buhari has had with Service Chiefs since he assumed power.

The security expert explaned that Vice President Osinbajo is not a trained military officer and so it will take the military some time before sensitive intelligence can be shared in his presence. He also made reference to the Vice President’s affiliation to Tinubu.

Read Below:
“I am sure he would have been invited if he had security background. Being a Professor of Law is fine, but in terms of intelligence and access to security information, you are nowhere near the rank of Colonel or equivalent in the Nigeria Military.
Look, I have watched some footages that if the VP gets to see, he would lose appetite for days. Now, we have someone who has been in luxury virtually all his life, attaining the position of VP and some people are clamouring for his presence in highly sensitive talks. The truth is that the military hierarchy would not even feel comfortable saying some things in his presence. I can tell you that they respect Prof. Osinbajo as VP but they cannot trust him with information yet.
You cannot compare him to Buhari who served in many military roles, chased away a militia that was threatening Nigeria security, overthrew a military government, became Head of State, fought corruption and went ahead to instill discipline among a stubborn citizenry. The VP would have to go through what is called ‘Stimulation’. This is a process where he is lectured on terms, dealings, operations etc. of the military.
His inner strength, strong heart and ability to keep things to himself will first be put to test before he gets access to some classified materials and information. We must understand the fact that Osinbajo was a candidate promoted by Bola Tinubu (ex-Lagos Governor), he was not handpicked by Buhari.
If the President had picked a vice, it is likely that such individual may get the access Osinbajo isn’t getting now. Everyone knows the VP has been loyal to Tinubu for decades and he cannot swear that he would not divulge details of these security meetings to his political godfather. So he has to earn it.
Tinubu may have used his influence to put him in this position but he must draw a line between blind loyalty and national duty.” he told Daily Independent


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