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Do you know wearing nothing at all in bed could boost your health? As you sleep tonight,try sleeping without clothes on.

 Dr Sarah Brewer, a GP and nutritionist based in Guernsey, says sleeping naked can regulate your temperature, helping you get the best night sleep,’
This is because people tend to fall asleep more quickly, and have better quality sleep, when the temperature is lower.And ditching pyjamas could be one way of preventing overheating in bed, which can exaggerate pre-existing skin problems.Women who sleep naked are less likely to suffer from yeast infections.

Men who also sleep naked are not as prone fungal infections in their groin - also known as the Jock Strap Itch.Going without pyjamas helps men keep normal testosterone levels too, as being too hot disturbs sleep, and testosterone production may be reduced.

Dr Brewer added that sleeping naked helps couples bond and increases intimacy.

‘Sleeping naked gives us a sense of freedom and may help you feel more sexy and loving,’ she said.‘Humans are highly-tuned to the sight of bare skin and this acts as a signal for sexual arousal.‘Sleeping naked can help improve intimacy between you and your partner and give you a boost of body confidence.’

For women experiencing menopausal symptoms, or men with testosterone-deficiency syndrome, keeping cool in bed can help avoid triggering a hot flush.

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