Wednesday, July 22

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Caitlyn Jenner has praised Kanye after their first meeting..She received a surprise visit from the power couple which was televised in her new series, she said..
'I've never been very close to Kanye but I've been impressed by his open-mindedness. I think he's helped Kim to come to terms with all this.'

Kanye hugged her and said

'I think this is the strongest thing to have happened. You couldn't have been up against more - your daughter's a supermodel [Kendall]. It was like f**k everybody, this is who I am.'
Kim was more interested in Caitlyn's glamorous makeover, playing with her hair and trilling,
'You look so pretty! You look just like Kendall... Like Kendall's mother!''I like these earth tones so much better. I was honestly dying before at your wardrobe. So pretty!'

'When Caitlyn showed her a new Tom Ford dress,saying
I love this Tom Ford dress'
 'Mom has that!', Kim replied.

'Oh God... I better wear it before she does!', Caitlyn joked.


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