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An Australian man believes the Shroud of Turin proves he is the second coming of Jesus Christ – and he says the Vatican is convinced, too.

Before we go any further, we have to explain what the shroud of Turin is. The Shroud of Turin is a length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man who appears to have suffered physical trauma in a manner consistent with crucifixion. Many believe that the image on the shroud is that of Jesus.

Follow the jump to see the comparison between this man’s face and the shroud of Turin + other reasons the man believes he is indeed Jesus Christ.

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall lives in Toogoom, Queensland, about 300 kilometres north of Brisbane, and claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus. The 71-year-old man has published a number of images and videos he claims prove he is the image seen on the Shroud of Turin – a religious artifact that many believe bears the image of Jesus.

Mr Marshall has recorded hundreds of videos where he preaches in a heavy Australian accent while wearing a Hawaiian shirt, to his growing flock of followers. In the catalogue of bizarre videos and writings, he repeatedly mentions the scars on his hands and feet from where Jesus was nailed to the cross, while also declaring himself to be the ‘most holy man’

Mr Marshall also shared a letter he said was sent to him by Pope Benedict, which refers to him directly as ‘Jesus Christ reincarnated’. “You see, many days ago Mr Brian Marshall sent me photographs of Him and the Most Holy Shroud of Turin – He actually looks so much like that of the Holy Image on the Shroud,” the alleged letter from Pope Benedict reads.
The Shroud of Turin: modern photo of the face, positive (left), digitally processed image (right).

The Shroud of Turin: modern photo of the face, positive (left), digitally processed image (right).

The alleged letter from Pope Benedict continues reading: “There is no other explanation. He is simply the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty! I was so penetrated with love and compassion from God that I requested a photo the I saw to be put in a place of honour somewhere.

He is the Most Royal Man Alive, The King of Kings… The Messiah, Almighty and Everlasting. Have Faith in Him.’

Mr Marshall has shared a number of images he claims proves his face is the one said to be visible on the Shroud of Turin

In addition to the letter, Mr Marshall stated former Pope Benedict planned to officially proclaim him the second coming in March, 2013, only to have the announcement foiled by Pope Francis, who he refers to as ‘the anti-Christ’.

Mr. Marshall has already starting building a core following even extending as far as the United States, where one man has been convinced into abandoning his family, selling his home and moving to Australia to be with Mr Marshall.

A Facebook page dedicated to him already exists as well.


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