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Tonto Dikeh has finally opened up on her online scandal with luxury shopper Pearl.Few months ago an online shopper accused the Actress of ordering bag from her and not paying.
Tonto Dikeh said she's couldn't pay because the bag was fake.At the end the Actress posted a video of her house keeper burning the bag on instagram.In a chat with Olisa on the Truth,Tonto addresses the issue among many others ..
On being in a relationship 
Yes I am..I don't do all that.(flaunt her love life)My instagram is about me,my life,my kids(her dogs)
On the bag controversy 
It happened a few months ago I just kept having somebody bugging me to patronize her .Personally I do not shop for myself.I have people who do all that.So I kept telling her I do not shop for myself,i don't even do that in Nigeria.
It was my little friend's birthday coming up and I had a similar bag,so I said ok, could you give me a bag and box that matches with that ?
I had not been in the country for almost two months, when it arrived .By the time I came to Nigeria,I looked at it.I mean,even if I had never used a designer before,I would know that was fake ..
The bag was like $3000 because that was what she sent with the picture.I think they tend to send you the original copy of what ever it is.So that is what I got and I said I didn't like it because it was fake and I couldn't give that out as a gift.
 On how she resolved it, she said
I actually burnt the box ..Yes I burnt the box ..I couldn't keep the box because I didn't want it to be said that I kept it and was going to use it at some point
On why she didn't just return it 
I was going to give her but it was with my housekeeper for two months,waiting got her to take it.And when the instagram thing came out the next thing she sent me was a very insulting text message .
 On why she is always accused of owing for items bought (It was the second time)
I'm an easy target.It is very easy.

On how she makes money considering she hasn't featured in a movie in two years
I have worked so hard.I get contracts.I will not tell you everything I do.Must you know what I do? I do alot of business.I am an engineer.I have a life outside entertainment ..


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