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Was surfing the net and came across this stuff... Check out below:
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Trojan Vibrating Multi-Thrill
Consider this the Swiss Army knife of vibrators. It comes with three different textures so you can switch things up whenever you want.
Lelo Ora

This little circular massager is the first-ever oral sex simulator. It’s totally customizable, with 10 different “stimulations” and various speeds, so it might actually be even better than the real thing. 

Trojan Hot Spot Vibrating Ring

Trust us, you want to put a ring on it. This flexible penis ring has a tiny vibe at the top that directly stimulates your clitoris. Plus, it’s safe to use with condoms.

The Pulse

We may have found a toy he’ll like better than his Xbox. The Pulse is considered the first “guybrator” of its kind. It looks like a little sleeve that he can slip over his penis, with oscillating disks to provide awesome pleasure for him. But here’s where it gets more amazing: If he wears it while you’re having sex, there’s a vibrating underside that stimulates you, too. Win-win.

Lelo Ida

This wearable vibrator is something you’ll want to keep on while you’re having sex. The base stimulates your clitoris, while the shaft rotates for sensations that both you and your guy will feel.

The Ultimate G Vibrator

OK, we know this looks like the stuff that nightmares are made of, but it’s actually pretty groundbreaking. This vibrator was designed by medical experts who claim it will give you “third-level orgasms.” (And no, we don’t know exactly what that means, but we’re definitely intrigued.) So why is it so scary looking? The main part of the shaft is designed to target your G spot, while the outer arms stimulate your clitoris.

Lovelife Adventure Triple Slim Vibrator

It may look like a sword, but this three-pronged vibrator offers seven different ah-mazing speeds. Oh, and the on/off button is a little heart that lights up when you turn it on. How adorable is that? 
Minna Limon

This little vibe is pretty much foolproof. Just squeeze for vibrations (the harder you squeeze, the more intense it gets). Plus, you can record certain vibration patterns that work for you, so you can play them back later.

Hula Beads

This new toy has upped the game for traditional pleasure beads. Not only do they vibrate and rotate, but they also come with a remote control for you or your partner.
Lovelife Flex Kegel Set

That’s right, they’re weights…for your vagina. The set includes three graduated weights (35g, 45g, and 85g) to help you tone your PC muscles for stronger orgasms. That’s definitely one way to make sure you never skip a workout.
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