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Are you familiar with the AY Skit, "Use Your Head"? If you are, then this story would make complete sense to you however if you aren't, don't worry we've provided the video for your viewing pleasure after the jump.
 In the AY Skit, AY tells his security man, "use your head" when the security guard asks him how he intends to have him, the gateman, stop AY's girlfriend from entering the house. By the end of the skit when AY's girlfriend eventually comes to visit him, the gateman proceeds to headbutt the girlfriend (hence, the "Use Your Head" advice AY gave him at the beginning).
 Well, now Bovi is claiming that the AY Skit is based off of a joke he cracked in 2008 Nite of a Thousand Laughs, and even has the evidence to back it up. 

See both videos after the jump + Bovi's comment and comments from fans: 

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