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A father has been demanding sex from his married daughter, telling her that this will cure her barrenness.

Delia Maina said her father, Aaron was angry when she refused to sleep with him that he advised her husband to divorce her because she was barren.

“Before he gave me a divorce token, my ex-husband told me that my father was the one who was behind it all since he had told him that I was a barren tree which could never produce fruits.“During my first marriage, whenever I visited my father he would ask me to have sex with him and he always gave me the reason that it was the only solution to my problem.“He stated that the moment I slept with him, I would become pregnant, but I never gave in.

Delia Maina told the court that her father continually asked her for sexual favors, claiming that he was the only person who can cure her infertility.

After Delia Maina refused her father’s sexual advances, Aaron Maina advised his son-in-law to divorce his wife because she will never have children.

Aaron Maina did not respond to his daughter’s allegations. He however filed for a restraining order against Delia Maina, accusing her of using a machete to attack him.

Aaron Maina told the court that his daughter once used a machete to cut him until he fell unconscious. He claims that his daughter caused him to be blind in one eye.

The judge granted the father’s request for a restraint order against his daughter, and Delia Maina was ordered to stay away from her father.


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