Tuesday, August 11

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The Cool FM On air personality was previously one of Donald Trump's critics,especially with his tweets about Ebola and Africans..Now, he seems to have taken a U-turn,expressing his wish that Trump becomes the American President so Nigerians will be forced to return home and fix their country.
My next American President! Donald Trump! I hated this guy initially because of his comments on Africa during the #Ebola pandemic. But after the perceived lack of direction (except of course, in the instance of the controversial gay marriage issue), I personally think it's time America elected someone the world can see through, instead of a political facade. When, if at all, he becomes president, I hope he successfully tightens immigration laws, so our Nigerian brothers and sisters there can come back home and #FixNigeria. My opinion is, instead of discarding your sinking ship for a floating one, stay aboard and #FixIt


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