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The fact that she has found “true love” and this true love is said to be the longest she’s ever had, Tonto Dikeh is now qualified to give women relationship talks in finding their one true bae.
The gorgeous actress, who and her bae were recently spotted with former President Olusegun Obasanjo, shared some wise insights to women regarding their relationships..
She says ladies should be wise and run away from men who have nothing to offer other than good sex.
In her own words:
Tonto Dikeh D
Hang on let me get this straight,you expect a Queen to be intelligent, Sexy, sophisticated, Ambitious, Successful, Not slept with any people you might know, honest, Funny, kind, caring, Aesthetically attractive to you, Strong, Doesn’t consider you a financial plan, Self confident, Loyal.
Amazing body, great with kids, witty, looks after you, Cook,Clean, Generally sort your Life out, Style you,give you great massages, workout with you, Be friends with your mom when you don’t wanna be friends with your mum, Organize your schedule,…
Make enough money to support you both if you ever need it, but not more than you, smile whenever you tell her to, basically not breathe…Dress up for Sex but not dress up too much when she goes out..But all you have to offer her is Your DI*CK��
#Ladies Don’t let no man Sap all of your energy and love when he obviously have nothing to Offer you asides from good sex
#Been there done that am trust me I ran away
#most annoying is when you as a woman have to be the bread winner and still receive nothing but the D..
#A good d*ick never Built a house or paid the rent,A hardworking dedicated Supportive Man does..


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