Thursday, August 6

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Serial entrepreneur Toyin Lawani has responded to the notion classy girls don't wear tattoos. The stylist and designer has a couple of them. She wrote 
They say classy Girls don't have tattoos? ?? Well class and tattoos ain't gat nothing to do with one another, You will never see me reveal my full tattoo on Red carpets or at Events, I know how to dress appropriate to each event, covering them up, when I have to go hip hop yes I can show them off a bit but it still never wear sleeveless...imagine wearing a beautiful Glamourous evening sleeveless Dress and next thing you see, is tattoos on all the persons sleeve ?? Hahaha...omg that will be some tacky dress afterall, so once u know how to dress up hiding your tatts at appropriate events, u ain't gat no issues, Tattoos are very addictive once u start you will always want more, people that draw meaningless tatts makes me laugh all day, tatts should mean something, I have the name and pictures of my kids on me ...Most people ask why? ?? Well I work alot and travel a lot without them most times, when I'm missing them all I have to do is look at my tattoos and touch them, I feel they are very close by and I feel I carry them with me everywhere I go, I just don't go drawing fancy shits on my precious money making skin, I really take care of my skin cause it's part of my skin products business


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