Thursday, September 17

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President Muhammadu Buhari shocked his interviewer in Paris today that he sometimes misses his way in Aso Presidential Villa.
According to PM News,when asked  by an interviewer on France 24, whether Aso Rock was like the Government House he left in 1985.
Buhari answered:
 It was not the same place. The last time I was there, I was in the barracks. This time I am in a palace. At times, I can’t find my way around. It is so big so much that it must be expensive to maintain. But it is there, it cannot be removed.”
Asked whether he is now a different man, he answered:

“I don’t think basically, I am a different man. I came back to power under a different system.”
Buhari moved into the Villa on 21 June, more than three weeks after he was sworn-in.His predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan, had approved some renovation work on the Villa, which stretched far beyond his tenure.


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