Friday, September 4

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A woman who posted images of her menstrual blood on her personal social media account has claimed she received death threats as a result. Louelle Denor, from Philadelphia, posted an image of herself holding a softcup and with her fingers covered in menstrual blood on Instagram and Facebook two weeks ago. See bloody menstrual photo after the cut:

Since then, her Instagram post has received a significant amount of publicity. Denor first posted a picture of herself holding a Softcup with blood dripping down her fingers to prove a point about Instagram's policy against pictures that included period blood, which she considers to be "outlandish." 
Additionally, the photo was an effort to stand in solidarity with women who have had their pictures removed, as she explained in a post on Medium following the backlash. The picture includes no nudity. 
The object she's holding isn't immediately recognizable as a menstrual cup. You wouldn't even know the blood on her hands is menstrual blood unless she hadn't said so in the caption — and since Instagram has no problems with other kinds of blood, it's likely no one would have take issue with the photo if she hadn't. 

Is this feminism or madness? 


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