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Perhaps you’ve watched some guys walk up to some random chick and starting making out with her within moments. You probably would love to pull that off. What guy wouldn’t? The problem is, even if you can pull it off, it’s really not all that beneficial. Either way, I’ll still teach you how just in case you ever want to show off to your friends.
Your goal shouldn’t be to get a kiss as quickly as possible. Your goal should be to get the girl. That’s not to say I think having this skill is a bad thing. It isn’t. But this shouldn’t be your main focus.
Before I get started giving you advice on how to get her to kiss you and how to know when she’s ready to kiss, you need to know something. If you are ultra-conservative when it comes to meeting women, you’re in trouble. You need to be aggressive, trust your instincts and go for it. To hell with rejection!

Knowing when the time is right

You’ve been chatting it up with this girl and you’re totally digging her. You know that if you spend too much time chatting with her without going in for a kiss, she’ll probably put you in the Friendzone. But how do you know she wants you to kiss her?
Remember what I said earlier about not fearing rejection? That’s exactly how you find out if she’s cool with it. Simply go in for the kiss when your instincts are telling you the time is right. Will this get you rejected sometimes? Likely. But you’ll discover that getting rejected will actually help you get closer to getting the girl.
Girls like a guy who has the balls to go for it. If you don’t go for it, you will get friendzoned and lose all chances. But even going for it and getting rejected will make the girl think “hmph” this guy knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to show it. That alone is an attractive quality. It’s not always going to get the girl, but it usually helps.
The important thing to note is never get upset if you get rejected. She isn’t say no, she is just saying “not yet.” So keep building comfort and try again later.

I have a crazy assignment I want you to do…

I want you to head out to a bar and attempt to kiss as many women as possible. You’re not allowed to stop until you have been turned down by 3 girls. I don’t care if you end up making out with 10 hotties. Unless you’ve been shot down a few times, you failed at this assignment.
I know you think this assignment is completely and utterly ridiculous. But I PROMISE you it isn’t. You’re going to benefit greatly from it. Here’s why…
Rejection is the #1 thing that prevents men from getting laid. It’s not rejection itself, it’s actually the FEAR of rejection. They have this silly belief that they are always going to get rejected so they don’t go for it.
The purpose of this assignment is for you to see what actually happens when you get rejected. You’re going to find something out that will shock. You see, when you get rejected, it’s not always a permanent rejection.
A rejection means she isn’t initially into your game. Most guys just pack up and leave and that’s that. But I want you to do something different with the girls that initially reject your kiss offer. Stick around and see how she reacts.
Don’t be rude or argumentative. Women are so used to men ditching them after getting rejected for a kiss. Be different. Be the guy that doesn’t act like a little girl after getting rejected. By doing this, you’ll build up attraction. Seriously, try it. She’ll think, “hey, I like this guy, he’s not like all the rest”.

The reasons she rejected you for a kiss

There are many different reasons a random girl you just met shot you down for a kiss. They include, but are not limited to:
  • You have stinky breath (carry mints, brush your teeth)
  • Your teeth are stained (get that fixed)
  • She’s just not ready (wait for the right time)
  • She doesn’t think you’re actually interested in her (make it clear you like her and why)
  • She’s in a group of friends (she might think kissing you makes her appear to be a whore)
There are many other reasons. This is why you should never take a rejection personally or that the initial rejection means you’re doomed.

How to act post-rejection

Okay, you got rejected. Now we need to discuss how you should act. First off, act like a man, not like a little b*tch. Don’t let it crush your confidence. Just because she denied you a kiss doesn’t mean it’s over with her. But it will be over if you do any of the following:
  • Walk away and avoid her
  • Ask her why she denied you
  • Yell at her
  • Become argumentative
Instead of doing any of those things, let’s go over a couple of better ways to act. The first one is to smoothly act as if nothing happened. Play it off like it’s no big deal that she didn’t kiss you. Just continue with the conversation and not make it a thing.
Another idea is to crack a joke about it. This will show her that you’re not uptight and still confident even after getting rejected. She’ll like that. Perhaps you could say, “wow, that was the best kiss ever” in a sarcastic tone.

Making the move and getting a kiss tips

Forget about rejection now. We’ve already discussed that, unless you act like a fool, rejection may not be permanent. So now let’s focus on going in for the kiss. Try these tactics (they work!):
1.When the conversation appears to be going well, use this line – “you seem interesting and I like talking to you. I’ve got a favor to ask you. I don’t think we’re ready to start kissing, so I want you to give me an almost-kiss. You can’t give me a real kiss because I just met you”.
(after you say that, lightly push her face towards yours and then stop a couple of inches from touching her. What you’re hoping for here is that, after you pause short of making face-to-face-contact, she’ll grab your head and start kissing you.)
2.Tell her, “I need to tell you something important”. After she questions what that is, take a hole of her neck and start locking lips. This shows confidence.
3.Simply ask her if she wants to kiss you. She might say no, but that’s okay. Tell her you weren’t asking her for a kiss, just that she appeared to have something on her mind. Unless she says she doesn’t, go in for the kiss this time, without asking.
These tips should only be used by inexperienced guys. Once you become more experienced, you won’t need these. You will have built up a strong intuition to know when girls are ready for you to kiss them.
Getting women to kiss you isn’t very hard. Many guys make it more difficult than it really is. They fear rejection or simply just don’t know how and when to go in for the kiss.

Signs she wants you to kiss her

We’ve gone over timing, the proper way to act and tips on how to get her to kiss you. Before I wrap things up on this lesson, I want to go over the clear signs she wants you to kiss her. If you spot any of the following signs, believe me, she wants you to kiss her. So go in for the kiss ASAP, before it’s too late:
  • Start by looking her in the eyes. If she keeps her eyes locked on you, that’s a great sign she is into you. And if she is into you, that means she won’t reject your offer for a kiss.
  • Move your head in the direction of hers. Get as close to her as possible without touching. A woman that doesn’t want to kiss will push you away or pull away quickly, before you can kiss her. So if you’re close and she hasn’t pulled back, she wants to lock lips with you.
  • One more sign is picked up by doing a little tactic I like to call, “triangular gazing”. Look into her left eye, then into her right eye, then her lips. Go back and forth a few times and if she smiles or gives you a sexy look, go in for the kiss.
Now you’re ready to go out and kiss tons of women. You can’t fail with these tactics above. I’ve tested these methods out numerous times and they work. So have many other guys. You have to trust me on this.
Some of the things I’ve told you seem outrageous but, once you try them, will surprise you on how effective they really are. Now get out there and start meeting women. Don’t forget the assignment I gave you where you have to get rejected by 3 women!


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