Monday, October 19

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20 year old Holly Burt is inching her way into the record books with what she thinks are the longest legs in the US - measuring a whopping 49.5 inches.
The student from Florida, USA, has emerged to trump current record holder - model Lauren Williams - who has 49 inch legs.

While she used to get bullied for her height in school, 6ft 5ins Holly received a welcome boost when she moved to New York two years ago as men can’t get enough of her statuesque figure.

She said when she was in Grade 2, (equivalent of primary 2 or 3, i think) she was taller than her teacher, and now that she is 20 years and 6'5, men can't seem to get enough of her endlessly long legs.

Her mum is 6'1, her dad is 6'3, her late grandfather was 6'8, while her uncle is 6'7. Holly on her own part has a rule never to date a man below 6'3.

She is 6'5 and she wants to date, and if possible marry someone of her own height. Sister, are you trying to bring back the race of the biblical Nephilims??


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