Thursday, October 22

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An unidentified man has allegedly caught his wife 'cheating' after she sent him a series of lingerie clad Snapchats from her hotel room... with a man's boots resting on the floor behind her. The series of photos were published on the website The Chive 

According to the Dail Mail, the Snapchats were sent by a woman known only as Chelsea, who is shown posing provocatively for the camera while wearing a skimpy black g-string and matching black push-up bra.
Hotel Room! Going to Sleep Soon,' she wrote in one Snapchat, her arms resting behind her head. However it was the second photo, that one that showed a man's boots tucked under the TV cabinet, that caught Chelsea out. 'One more before bed,' she wrote alongside the picture of her from behind.

'Who is with you in the hotel room?' he wrote.

Chelsea was quick to reassure her husband and said the photos had been taken using the timer on her phone. But her husband remained unconvinced.

'Stop lying Chelsea, I know you're not alone in that hotel room,' he replied.

Chelsea replied 'Yes I am!' before saying she would 'never cheat' on her husband. 'Then why the f*** are there MEN'S BOOTS in your second snapchat. I can't go through this again. I'm calling a lawyer,' her husband replied.


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